Link Vrains Pack 3 (LVP3)

Rp. 500.000


Tags : 2019  LVP3  Sealed  Box 

Set Code : LVP3


  • Includes cards used by Dennis McField, the Obelisk Force, the Supreme King, Akiza Izinski, Zuzu Boyle, Yuri, Sylvio Sawatari, and Shoma Yusa.
  • Introduces Link Monsters that are members of and/or support for the "Abyss Actor", "Ancient Gear", "Artifact", "Bujin", "Buster Blader", "Destruction Sword", "Endymion", "Fusion", "HERO", "Mayakashi", "Mecha Phantom Beast", "Melodious", "Phantom Beast", "Polymerization", "Predap", "Predaplant", "Reptilianne", "Rose Dragon", "Simorgh", "Sky Striker", "Sky Striker Ace", "Tenyi" and "World Legacy" archetypes as well as the "Herald" and "Xtra HERO" series.
  • Introduces the first support for the "Rose" archetype to the OCG.


There are 4 cards per pack and 15 packs per box. The set contains 100 cards:

  • 5 Ultra Rares
  • 15 Super Rares
  • 25 Rares
  • 55 Commons

The Super Rare and Ultra Rare cards are also available as Secret Rare.