Flames of Destruction (FLOD)

Rp. 625.000


Tags : 2018  Sealed Box  FLOD 

Set Code : FLOD



  • Includes cards used by Yusaku Fujiki, Aoi Zaizen, Go Onizuka, Revolver, Emma Bessho and Akira Zaizen.
  • Includes members and/or support for the "Altergeist", "Gouki", "Monarch", "Trap Hole", "Tindangle", "Trickstar", "Vampire", "Wind-Up", and "World Legacy" archetypes.
  • Introduces the "Elementsaber" archetype to the OCG.
  • Introduces the first support for the "Elemental Lord" archetype to the OCG.


In the OCG, there are 5 cards per pack and 30 packs per box. The set contains 80 cards, or 103 cards in the Master Set:

  • 1 Holographic Rare
  • 6 Ultimate Rares
  • 16 Secret Rares
  • 6 Ultra Rares (also available as Ultimate Rare and Secret Rare)
  • 10 Super Rares (also available as Secret Rare)
  • 18 Rares
  • 46 Commons