Duelist Pack: Legend Duelist 3 (DP20)

Rp. 28.000


Tags : 2018  Booster Pack  DP20 

Set Code : DP20



  • Includes cards used by Seto Kaiba, Zane Truesdale, Crow Hogan, Kite Tenjo and Sylvio Sawatari.
  • Includes members and/or support for the "Abyss Actor", "Abyss Script", "Blackwing", "Blue-Eyes", "Chaos", "Cyber", "Cyber Dragon", "Fusion", "Galaxy", "Galaxy-Eyes" and "Photon" archetypes; as well as "Starliege" and "with Eyes of Blue" series.
  • Introduces the first support for the "Black-Winged Dragon" to the OCG.


There are 5 cards per pack and 15 packs per box. The set contains 56 cards.

  • 1 Holographic Rare
  • 5 Ultra Rares
  • 7 Super Rares
  • 13 Rares
  • 30 Commons